PUNishing Viewers

In a promotion for an upcoming episode of CSI:NY, CBS slashes us with such incisive, witty wordplay like an expert fencer with words as rapiers and other appropriate cutting tools that might further torture this metaphor:

The gourmet food truck business is booming…

booming food truck

Explosive flavors! Fiery competition! Insert ethnic BBQ joke here!




Sound bites from the promo include: “Doesn’t sound too appetizing” and “Let’s go see if murder is on the menu“. There are so many more instances of food and explosion related banter that it LITERALLY BLEW MY MIND!

It’s a tried and true formula for television success as I understand it: punch audience in the face with broad jokes and food metaphors. Throw in some scantily clad lady scenes —

Side order

Sela Ward V.O.: "All he had to do was serve you on the side." In case you miss it, that's innuendo.

— and you win Emmys or something. Maybe cocaine. I don’t know how the finance side works.

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