Correct Headline to Use for ‘Psychic’ Tipsters (a partner of MSN, my current employer) used the correct quote in a headline about a ‘psychic’ tipster leading Texas cops on a wild goose chase:

‘Ridiculous’: Tip about mass grave turns up nothing

Now, I understand that the cops in this case were in a tough spot:

“We have to take tips like this very seriously,” McNair said.

But frankly, with the kind of details the police are hinting at in this case, it’s hard to imagine that the individual truly was claiming to be a psychic in the first place.

Most of these types of predictions tend to be vaguely worded to the point where almost any result can be retroactively considered a ‘win’. The details apparently have the police quite suspicious as to the motives of the tipster.

Headlines materialize all the time about so-called psychics ‘helping’ investigations, or bringing closure to criminal cases all the time. To date, there is no reliable record of a psychic solving a crime in either the United States or Britain, and it has been noted that police departments themselves claim they do not approach psychics themselves during the course of an investigation.

‘Ridiculous’ is definitely the right word.

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