Notes on a Saturday: Russell Crowe, Fat Joe, Weiner jokes & TSA pat-downs

  • Russell Crowe called circumcision (male, I assume) “stupid” and “barbaric” which caused a media ruckus for Russell. Personally, I would have gone with “silly” and “antiquated”, but I just love euphemisms. Crowe apologized for offending people’s traditions and beliefs, which is the diplomatic thing to do I suppose, but he wasn’t entirely wrong. It’s just, why is this such an issue right now? Oh right.
  • Fat Joe is no longer fat. However, he is still “Fat Joe”. Mind officially blown.
  • Weiner is getting checked out. Not like that. By professionals. Oh dear, I give up. Anthony Weiner is checking into some kind of treatment center. He still won’t give his resignation. Democrats, who seemed much kinder to President Clinton when he gave more than some inappropriate tweetpics to Monica Lewinsky, seem pretty vociferous in calling for it.
  • Fox News home page news feed shows this headline: “Special-Needs Child Given Pat-Down by TSA Agents”. However, when you click on it, the story appears to be about a 29-year-old mentally disabled man. While the article does state that the individual who was treated rather shabbily by airport security had the mental capacity of a 2-year-old, it then doesn’t explain the headline on the page itself: “TSA Admits ‘Bad Judgment’ After Disabled Man Subjected to Airport Pat-Down” (emphasis mine). It’s a tad inconsistent.
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