Are Sock Puppets Falling from the Sky??

Tom MacMaster was just outed as the Gay Girl Blogger from Damascus, and now the blog that he got his start with the sock puppet persona of Amina Arraf apparently has fallent as well as seen in the Washington Post:   ‘Paula Brooks,’ editor of ‘Lez Get Real,’ also a man

Yup, another dude posing as a lesbian blogger.

This dude:

Bill Graber

"Paula Brooks" before her morning coffee

What is this, some kind of epidemic? Is Dan Savage going to turn out to be some heterosexual, black lady living in rural Montana?  Maybe PZ Myers is really an Imam blogging from Istanbul?

I understand the Internet provides a level of anonymity, but for cryin’ out loud!  As activists, Tom MacMaster and Bill Graber make for decent “performance” artists I suppose.  However, their intention appears to have been to promote LGBT causes, so to express it in the parlance of the Internet: “epic fail, guys”.

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