Wii U is of the Devil!

Sort of. I’m not talking about what the next Nintendo console can do (apparently, Direct X 10.1 according to YAHOO), or what it can’t do (DVD or Blu-Ray playback from Joystiq). Rather, it’s what the name, Wii U, represents. A supernatural terror that has remained dormant in my mind for decades has been dredged into the light of present day.


It’s a “documentary” about the legend known as the Jersey Devil, a tale no one outside of New Jersey should admit to caring about.  However, this film from 1979 is fascinating in its outdated, cheesy production values and should appeal to kitsch-lovers from just about anywhere.

At  10:07 in the video, the Jersey Devil is born to one Mother Leeds and unleashes a piercing, whistling noise that could easily be spelled out phonetically as wee-YOO. That’s right … the cursed monster born under inauspicious omens demands a Wii U from its first moments on this hapless plane of existence. Then he takes off for Atlantic City I think.

Nintendo, what have you done???

Jersey Devil
“I’m not sure the Wii U controller will work with my tiny forehooves”
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