Excellent Video About Media Sourcing

Our willingness to drive screwdrivers into our brains rather than unlock the truth has led to a culture of gullibility that’s astonishing in even the most intelligent writers. — Potholer54

YouTube user Potholer54 takes a close look at how the media screws up science reporting specifically, but the examples and lessons he draws from those examples can certainly be extrapolated into journalism in general. This is the one of many detailed and engaging videos this veteran science reporter has done on everything from creationism to climate change denialism (see his video ‘Why the media screws up science Part 1: Sources‘ after the jump) 

The video is a useful reminder for journalists to properly source and verify their stories without falling for every “Cliff Clavin” that inhabits the Internet these days. It’s also a good reminder for viewers and readers of media to keep an eye out for ‘fishy’ reports that seem to lack legitimate sources (if there is any sourcing at all).

In addition to his instructive videos on science journalism, I particularly recommend Potholder’s Golden Crocoduck Awards, “rewarding” the incompetence and deceit of many a creationist apologist on an annual basis.

Ah, Kirk Cameron must be so proud.

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