A Time to Pause: Murdoch on the Cover

On page 3 is a lingerie ad...
On page 3 is a lingerie ad…

So the fallout from the News of the World scandal appears to be going strong still, as Jeff Bercovici points in Forbes blog. While it might be easy to dismiss the Time Magazine cover above just an amusing bit of mockery of the tabloid press in general and Rupert Murdoch in particular, it’s more important to realize that the presence of this story dominating Time’s cover shows what kind of legs this debacle still has.

Thankfully, it isn’t the kind of debacle that has a shirtless Rupert Murdoch posing in a bathroom mirror.

With calls for investigations starting to grow louder on both sides of the pond, emboldened celebrities speaking out more and more often and even a possibility of dragging 9/11 victim’s  into the mess, this cover could signal a huge shift in the media landscape and the possible demise of this “King Kong’s” media empire. Well, at least the newspapers.

Time: Murdoch Gorilla
It wasn’t the planes … ’twas hacking the mobile phone of a murder victim that killed the beast.


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