Bookstores: Islands in a Storm of UK Rioting?

Heartening to some extent I suppose.

Bookshops avoid major damage in London rioting

Except, is it because those looting aren’t readers? To ask that, I guess, is to almost be offended that rioters didn’t make off with a box full of Tina Fey’s Bossypants. Then again, the Financial Times reported a different look at the looting and the vandalism.

Barnaby Stutter of Brixton Cycles had also avoided attack, although he said he would be asking anyone coming into his shop looking for help with a new bicycle to provide him with a proof of purchase.

“It wasn’t a riot here, it was quite intelligent looting,” Mr Stutter said, adding that those involved in the Brixton attacks were stealing from “the big boys”, such as Halfords and Currys, rather than small independent shops.

So, bikes and books, at least at the independent level, might escape the turmoil in the UK. I’m seeing a picture developing here of the angry rioter as also being relatively physically fit bookworms with a penchant for striking against globalism and corporate hegemony, with a percentage of them possibly being homophobic.

Gays The Word bookshop fear second attack after riot damage

Speaking to, Assistant Manager Uli Lenart said: “Our impression is that there are certain people who have an issue with a visible gay business and are using the excuse of chaos to cause anti-gay damage.”

Or maybe a lot of them just want to take stuff and cause mayhem without rhyme or reason.

ABBA looted

Also, they're really into Swedish super groups (Photoshopped viral image mocking looters from the Mirror)

Unfortunately, lost in all of this is what set off the unrest (since likely hijacked by opportunistic tag-a-longs): the shooting of a suspected drug dealer named Mark Duggan. There has been, at least, a perception that the police targeted him because of his minority and class status. Police relations with minorities and the poor are certainly not an uncommon topic of discussion here in the U.S.  Now, however, like what happened after the Rodney King riots, the resentments, frustrations and complaints of the perpetual underclass, real or imagined, have been overshadowed by the widespread chaos of a materialistic free-for-all.  Hopefully, things die down soon before more people are seriously hurt or killed.

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