Petty Legislative Aide Cheers Layoff of Newspaper Workers

Might as well join the chorus of negative reactions to this minor functionary, Jon Yapo, legislative assistant for Florida state House Rep. Jason Brodeur, who decided to crow about workers at a newspaper losing their jobs. As Scott Maxwell of the Orlando Sentinel explains it:

Apparently legislative aide Jon Yapo heard that the Sentinel may soon lay off 20 or so page designers and copy editors as the paper consolidates services to Chicago … and was thrilled.

Yapo deservedly gets the headline of ‘political jerk-of-the-week’.

Yapo yapping

Yapo yapped on Twitter. T'wasn't a good idea to tweet such twaddle.

So, what is so wrong about Jon Yapo expressing such glee? Well, let’s begin with this tweet:

I hate people losing their jobs. But I love that it is happening to them.

Either the followup qualification negates the first part of that sentence, wherein he really means to say he only hates SOME people (probably red meat eating, religiously conservative, bourbon-swilling, SAWX fans) losing their jobs. Or, he could mean to say that the soon-to-be unemployed newspaper workers are somehow not “people”.

I hope there is more to come.

The schadenfreude keeps coming with that following tweet. Really, is it wise to root for any layoffs with a state unemployment rate hovering close to 11 percent?

They are all liberal pieces of shit who make my life a personal hell.

First off, Yapo seems to be too thin-skinned to be in the political game. The media isn’t supposed to just make life pleasant for one Jon Yapo (and I imagine it wasn’t pleasant when his bossed tried and failed to pass this stupid piece of legislation). Nor, does it matter if he has a personal beef with journalists and editors at the Orlando Sentinel to begin with. The layoffs are supposed to effect “page designers and copy editors”. You know, the folks who don’t have much of a say in the editorial bias of a paper. When I was a copy editor, my only concerns were accuracy, grammar, style and punctuation. Page designers also didn’t strike me as being all that agenda-driven. Where do such people stick their leftist views into the content to create such an intimate world of torture and pain for one Jon Yapo? Scott Maxwell really wails on that lack of empathy.

One again, the layoffs don’t involve loudmouths like me. Though we don’t have names yet, they are expected to be copy editors and page designers who have no more to do with editorial opinions than the guy who delivers your paper in the morning.

Many are career professionals who have made front pages pop, headlines sing and assembled items about community events for decades. The very item to which Yapo linked said who they were. But apparently that was still cause for Brodeur’s office to celebrate.

It’s like a liberal politico cheering the layoff of teleprompters and ad sales personnel at Fox News, or a Red Sox fan cheering that the Yankees letting go members of their custodial staff at the Stadium. Way to displace aggression.

I think another guy at the Orlando Sentinel, Jim Stratton, sums it up well.

It sets a new standard for pettiness, one Yapo’s boss should be ashamed of.

Yapo too — provided he has the capacity to feel shame.

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