Jaworski Hits the Fan, but C’mon, It’s Just a Word!

It’s a word. Just a stupid word. A little vulgar, a little crass: “shit”, “merde”, the “s-word”… it’s a versatile and useful tool for getting across appropriate sentiment in lieu of dull exposition and an excessive display of vocabulary for an immediate situation, often negative. Sometimes, something is just plain “shit” and requires little else in the way of description or modification. Sometimes, you just need to say “shit”.

Apparently, Ron Jaworski, long-time sports/television personality dropped the ‘s-bomb’ on Monday Night Football on ESPN, today, 9/12/2011. Oh noez!

Ron Jaworski

Perhaps with such a shit-eating grin, the word "shit" MUST spew forth.

I am ashamed that someone felt compelled to immediately upload this snippet to YouTube. I am embarrassed that Twitter exploded with the gasps and the collective, infantile buzz of football fans acting like schoolchildren virtually giggling over a simple word the vast majority of us (particularly NFL fans on Sundays) use frequently. I am irritated that I felt like I should record my own $0.02 because Jawoski felt compelled to issue this apology:

“Hey Mike a little earlier in the show when Chad Henne was making a throw I said an inappropriate word so I want to apologize and I hope I didn’t offend anybody with that word.”

Yeah, I know, some humorless, tight-assed person watching at home before reading the Bible and drinking some warm milk before going to bed will use their rotary phone to complain to Disney. But seriously, who the fuck cares? Hey, remember when a cartoon show decided to say the word “shit” 150 times, uncensored, in a single episode?

Yes, it’s amazing that Western Civilization survived such an assault on culture and gentility! Such an amazing word that it should hold such power over us.

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