DC Comics New 52: Stuff I Liked

This is just a quick rundown of the titles that have me intrigued so far during this publicity generating (the good, the bad and the ugly) reboot of DC Comics titles. Keep in mind, I haven’t read all 52 titles, and I’m only just getting back into reading comics more than sporadically.

The Kryptonians:

Action Comics #1

Social activist man

Action Comics #1, Superman #1 and Supergirl #1 were all somewhat enjoyable. The artwork’s strong in all three books, I like the throwback to Superman’s early days as a crusader for social justice with fewer powers in Action Comics (he can “only” jump a building in a single bound), the restart on the whole “Lois and Clark” thing could be refreshing and Supergirl’s arrival with no memory of Krypton being destroyed begs some interesting questions. Also, I like her costume reboot (even if she could use some pants … I like a lady’s legs, but c’mon, DC. Superman got Kryptonian “armor” complete with pants).

Batman #1

Imagine his speaking voice is like Christian Bale playing Batman throughout the book...entertaining.


Batman #1 was just a great beginning for a Batman story. It has mystery, lovely artwork and just a great cold open in Arkham Asylum.

I heard some positive buzz for Batwing #1 before I purchased it,  so I went in with raised expectations. The pages looked great and the shift in setting from Bruce Wayne’s crimefighting in Gotham City to David Zamvimbi’s struggles against crime and corruption in the Democratic Republic of the Congo makes me want to pick up another couple of issues at least.

Justice League Dark #1

Maybe a one-shot crossover with the tv show 'Supernatural' some day?

Justice Leagues:

Justice League #1 with Jim Lee’s artwork and an introduction between Batman, the cocky Green Lantern and Superman is enough to get this ball rolling down hill, while Peter Milligan brings a creepy, yet colorful sense of magic to Justice League Dark #1, a team of “broken” individuals that deal with the macabre and mystical that guys like Superman just can’t handle. The book also features some gorgeous artwork by Mikel Janin, and brings the scruffy, chain-smoking John Constantine and Shade the Changing Man into the DC Universe over from Vertigo.

So, yeah, there are definitely some books of interest among the New 52. Keep in mind, I’m not completely turned off of some books like Mr. Terrific, Nightwing, Green Lantern and The Flash. Plus, I still haven’t had a chance to read some titles I wanted to get my hands on like Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Animal Man and Batwoman. I just need to make more money … and time … to add more reading on top of some of the Marvel titles I picked up (Captain America and Fear Itself).

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