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Marvel & Disney Synergy Gone Awry: Get Yer ABC TV Out of My Avengers!

The Avengers #19 seems like a pretty straightforward comic book. Folks in costumes on the cover presumably charging in a dramatic fashion at some kind of threat. Now, I get that Disney owns Marvel now, and I’m not so naive … Continue reading

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Sports Talk: Tebow Redundancy

I heard this gem in reference to Tim Tebow, current QB (sorta) for the Denver Broncos on ESPN Radio’s Mike and Mike in the Morning: His intangibles are off the charts. That was from former player, current NFL analyst, Mark Schlereth. … Continue reading

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Euphemistic Language: Penn State Story is NOT Just a “Sex Scandal”

I have to agree: Media criticized: Penn State isn’t a ‘sex scandal’ Self-proclaimed “tech culture journalist” Xeni Jardin has criticized the media for using “sex scandal” in reporting the turmoil at Penn State, notes Steve Myers of the Poynter media training institute. … Continue reading

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Ratner Learns It the Hard Way

After a strange period of time for Brett Ratner where he addressed the rumors about him and Olivia Munn (something that he now claims that he fabricated), claimed that “rehearsal’s for fags“, and his movie, Tower Heist, was beaten at … Continue reading

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I guess “it is on” or something. The Nook Tablet vs. the Kindle Fire. Choice is so overwhelming isn’t it? I already own a classic Kindle e-reader, but shiny new toys keep dancing like sugar plums in my head with … Continue reading

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On My Way: First 1,000 Words on NaNoWriMo

Well, put together my first 1,000 words (give or take) today for National Novel Writing Month. It looks gruesome, incoherent, and probably super-derivative. But, I’m loving it. I feel good at the starting line … let’s see how I feel … Continue reading

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