I guess “it is on” or something. The Nook Tablet vs. the Kindle Fire.


Fire versus, um, Tablet

Choice is so overwhelming isn’t it? I already own a classic Kindle e-reader, but shiny new toys keep dancing like sugar plums in my head with the full-on, pre-Christmas ad blitzkrieg. I have nowhere near the kind of resources to get all the things that I am told that I want. $199 Kindle with 8GB of storage? A $200 Nook with an SD slot?

Funny thing, there’s really only one thing tempting me the most about these new cheap-o tablets.

No, not porn.

From newsstands, to head shops in the 70s, to a handheld device...

Comics, man. I want in on the digital handheld comics thing. I realize that a part of me has been waiting for this since 1988 after Tom Hanks’ character, Josh Baskin, sold the idea of the “electronic” comic book in the movie “Big”.

Now if I could just pick one new toy. Heh, if we didn’t “covet our neighbor’s goods”, I just don’t see how we could ever fix our economy.

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