Ratner Learns It the Hard Way

After a strange period of time for Brett Ratner where he addressed the rumors about him and Olivia Munn (something that he now claims that he fabricated), claimed that “rehearsal’s for fags“, and his movie, Tower Heist, was beaten at the box office by a cartoon cat in his second week in theaters, it looks like he’s actually resigning from directing the Academy Awards.

“He did the right thing for the Academy and for himself,” Academy President Tom Sherak said in the statement. “Words have meaning, and they have consequences. 

So very true, Mr. President. So very true. PREACH IT!

Also, do you really want to entrust a lavish, live production to a man who apparently doesn’t think too highly of rehearsals? I mean, look at how Tower Heist did! Also, X-Men: The Last Stand was terrible.


Weekend box office wins are for pussies...

BTW, it’s interesting that this guy mostly being excoriated on the Internet is stepping down from a high profile job because of his stupid choice of words in public. All well and good.

Now imagine if he had looked the other way while a friend and employee was being accused of sexually assaulting a minor.  Woo boy, that could have been an ugly, ugly debacle.


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