ESPN Radio Creepily Stalking Tim Tebow

Is it me, or does it seem like media outlets like ESPN have become gushing, obsessive stalkers of Tim Tebow. They make absurd, colorful pronouncements about Tebow (and by default, the Denver Broncos) regarding his winning ways. In fact, this morning on Mike & Mike on ESPN Radio, Mike Greenberg, Mike Golic, and Cris Carter might have been mistaken for teenage Justin Bieber fans, except they were fluttering over a different super-non-threatening, handsome, young, Christian male.

Bieber & Tebow: HuffingtonPost

Instead of tween girls, Tebows fans are middle-aged, armchair quarterbacks.

The first egregious bit of pandering: Greenberg made a point of bringing up a statistic stating the chances of the Broncos coming back to win 5 of their comeback victories this season were approximately 380,000 to 1.  ZOMG! It’s something they’ve never seen before! To this he added descriptions such as “magical” and something that just can’t be explained.

How about statistical noise? In a sport that is played consistently, year-in, year-out, and a league that has been operating professionally since the 1920’s and in its current format since 1971, with over a 100 games played each season, these weird blips are bound to crop up in time. It’s 380,000 to 1 … but hey, someone wins the lottery eventually given enough time.

The second egregious bit of pandering: Cris Carter carrying the banner of the whining, privileged Christian. Carter, an overtly faithful man, has the temerity to say that “we in the media” are not “allowed” to talk about things like “race” or “faith”. That somehow, according to Carter, this is being left out of the discussion about Tebow.

Wow, really?

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This is just from the first page of Google results when typing in “Tim Tebow” and “faith”.  It’s not unusual for a heart-on-sleeve, evangelical celebrity/talking-head to proclaim that there is some muzzling of the talk of faith, but it’s still ignorant and incorrect.

Look, I have nothing against Tim Tebow (yet) or the Denver Broncos. It’s great for the Denver fans, and after all, a win is a win is a win. But, frankly, before people start making hyperbolic statements attributing Tebow’s success to faith, magic, or just giving up and calling it a mystery, I’ll point to one Derek Anderson, former starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, whose first full season was remarkable … and that was also his last remarkable season. Statistically speaking, amazing things happen all the time. Let’s not get carried away.

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2 Responses to ESPN Radio Creepily Stalking Tim Tebow

  1. Steven Sarff says:

    Didn’t Kurt Warner have a great first season? I seem to remember a lot of talk about his faith. I think Tebow is being very balanced about it, giving credit to others, teammates and of course, God.
    From a Christian point of view, take the blessings that you are handed, thank God for them and use them for Good. I don’t see self promotion in Tebow and that speaks of Humility. If people want to attribute his winnings to God’s blessings the best thing they can do is get on their knees and see how God wants to use THEM. not everyone will be a QB.

    • Mike Nam says:

      Didn’t Kurt Warner have a great first season?

      Yes, and so did Ben Roethlisberger. My point is that a good first season does not necessarily mean anything in terms of future success. Neil O’Donnell got a fat contract from the Jets after his breakout, Super Bowl season. Rick Mirer, Damon Huard…the list of early success QBs demands that we temper our expectations because for every Tom Brady there is a Derek Anderson. And to Tebow’s credit, he himself doesn’t publicly buy into the hype…it’s a media fabricated circus.

      The rest of your comment really doesn’t have anything to do with my criticism of Cris Carter.

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