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Headlines of Particular Note

From Opinion, a tortuous cobbling-together of an analogy requiring too much explanation for a headline and ridiculous wordplay contrasting mental illness and battlefield genius … and the publication’s name! Qaddafi May Be Crazy Like a Fox, But He Has Also … Continue reading

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PUNishing Viewers

In a promotion for an upcoming episode of CSI:NY, CBS slashes us with such incisive, witty wordplay like an expert fencer with words as rapiers and other appropriate cutting tools that might further torture this metaphor: The gourmet food truck … Continue reading

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The Power of Beer

UPDATE: 4/21 — According to, this is just one of those urban legends floating around. Still found it funny though. Texas beer joint sues church… Priceless comment from the judge: I don’t know how I’m going to decide this, … Continue reading

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