Blizzcon 2012 Cancelled

Blizzard apparently has decided to cancel Blizzcon this year, cutting us off from amazing stories about audience loremasters stumping the devs or costumes that are NOT street legal. I suppose we’ll be spared blog posts about people dressed as “kung-fu” pandas.

But why this year, Blizz? My theory…

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ABC News, Gingrich’s Daughters Say ‘Open Marriage’ Charges ‘Not True’: Pretty Dumb Story

This is the headline from the ABC News website:

Gingrich Daughters: ‘Open Marriage’ Charge ‘Simply Not True’

Hey, they are his daughters. They obviously want to refute the allegations against him. Frankly, I don’t care to even talk about the veracity of Marianne Gingrich’s statements regarding the former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich. Of course, these women would want to deflect such an accusation:

Kathy Lubbers and Jackie Cushman, Gingrich’s daughters by his first wife, told ABC News Chief Investigative Correspondent Brian Ross they had spoken with their father about Marianne Gingrich’s allegation and that he had assured them he never asked for an open marriage.

There, you see? The daughters are sure it’s not true because their dad told them it wasn’t. Out of curiosity, about how many specific details in Newt’s sex life are his girls privy to?

Of course his daughters would want to defend him from their stepmother. They want to protect their dad (Strangely, the guy who also cheated on his first wife, their mom). But that’s neither here nor there. Basically, this is a sordid story with super-high ick factor that I think just got weirder by having this type of “defense”. Thanks ladies for the unverifiable, self-serving hearsay from your father in refutation of the self-serving, conveniently-timed allegation from your former stepmom.

To recap:

  • Of course Newt’s daughters would know what he gets up to in and out of the sack. That’s why they know Marianne Gingrich is lying … they have viewed the videotape? (please no…)
  • Newt’s totally cool with letting his kids field questions about tawdry accusations regarding where he sticks his genitals:

    “Now, I’ll let my daughters speak for it… I’m not going to comment beyond that because I’m focused on the big issues that concern the American people…”

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to consume less drama by watching a Real Housewives show.


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Opposition to SOPA, PIPA, & Any Other Draconian Measures in the Pipeline

Personal hobbyist blogs are filled with links to █████, often commenting █████, perhaps for no other reason then to point out █████. Bills like those mentioned in the header could just as easily █████ freedom for a blogger to █████, to █████, to █████ perceived issues and █████ … or just mundane things. All in the name of █████ piracy.

I don’t believe in piracy either, but I don’t believe in burning down a house just to get at the █████.

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Ouch! Awkward Ad vs. Headline for Sinking Cruise Ship

There’s a lot of sadness and bewilderment surrounding the story of a sinking cruise ship with an allegedly cowardly captain. And for a newspaper, it’s understandably a headline story. But, um, advertising sometimes doesn’t jibe with editorial.

Belfast Telegraph


The image is from the Belfast Telegraph via

I feel for the layout folks behind this, I really do.

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Update: The Gaming Vault, Kyle Gaddo and Connor White Still Don’t Get It

I didn’t really want to look back, but I grew curious when looking at other video games outlets about what was going on at The Gaming Vault, a place where journalistic integrity goes to die, regarding the whole Paul Christoforo and Ocean Marketing debacle. Looking over their alleged last word on the subject, it’s clear these guys still don’t get how they traded their reputations just to feel smugly superior to those they believe were acting smugly superior:

In a recent interview with Paul Christoforo, I took a more sympathetic stance to the man’s instant notoriety. Perhaps too sympathetic, but I will stand by this—everyone involved in this situation is acting the fool, need to take a step back, and quit being such complete twits. Even myself, I’ll admit.

That’s a start. You, the Editor-In-Chief, Kyle Gaddo, was acting the twit for certain. But, it wasn’t “perhaps” too sympathetic. It was out and out campaigning on behalf of the subject. That’s not an opinion on his piece, it was a factual analysis based on multiple examples of clear pandering language in almost each and every paragraph from the writer himself.

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Dreams Don’t Have Meanings … I Hope

Last night I found myself going back to college. But lots of my former classmates were there, despite the fact we are all in our mid-to-late-thirties nowadays. I move in, upsetthat my dorm room requires credit card access (even in my dreams I’m being nickeled and dimed), and at one point I’m hanging out with a floormate on HIS OWN balcony (whoa).

At one point, we’re laughing and drinking, and I slap him on the back sending him straight into the railing which snaps. He plummets to his death, and I spend the rest of the dream pretending to everyone that I wasn’t present at his death (like some suspect in Law & Order).

Where the heck did this dream come from?

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Corn Porn

I tend to agree with the original tweet … this is a terrifying headline from the Iowa Caucus.


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